Solar Hearing Aids

Last Updated on March 3, 2021

If you want to purchase an environmentally friendly hearing aid that won’t break the bank, then you should check out solar hearing aids.

These amazing little devices are digital hearing aids and every bit as effective as traditional hearing aids.

The biggest difference a solar hearing aid has to offer is the price: Solar hearing aids are just 20% of the cost of a traditional hearing aid device. Costing around $100, solar hearing aids are recharged by the sun.

Not only are solar hearing aids good for the environment, but their price makes them within the reach of many individuals who suffer from hearing loss and are unable to afford hearing aids.

Finally there is a hearing aid that is environmentally responsible and good to people.

The Solar Ear, a brand of solar hearing aids, is the recent winner of the Tech Laureate Award for its impact on society, particularly in developing nations.

Not only is the Solar Ear company bringing affordable hearing aid technology to communities typically too disadvantaged to acquired hearing aids, but the company is also bring jobs to the deaf community.

Typical hearing aids cost above $700 and most insurance companies will not cover the cost of hearing aid devices.

This is irrelevant, however, since the majority of the world does not even have health insurance. The technology to help individuals suffering from hearing loss is there, but it is frequently priced out of their reach.

Unable to afford hearing aid devices, these individuals suffer in silence. The Solar Ear project is aiming to change all of that.

Solar Ear hearing aids are priced around $100 each, and the battery, which lasts 2-3 years, costs about $1 and it recharged by the sun. Since the Solar Ear is recharged by the sun, those without electricity, particularly in developing nations, now have access to hearing aid technology.

The Solar Ear project began in Africa, but has since expanded to Brazil where it will supply solar hearing aids to all of South America. From there, the company plans to reach out to the Middle East and China.

The Solar Ear project is also in the planning stages of bringing the project to Arizona for distribution in the United States.

Solar hearing aids are effective devices for relieving hearing loss. Unfortunately, most of the individuals suffering from hearing loss world-wide are unable to afford hearing aid devices.

The Solar Ear project produces digital hearing aids that are effective and environmentally friendly.

The project is also creating sustainable jobs for the deaf community in many disadvantaged areas. Solar hearing aids, like Solar Ear, are bringing hearing aids to thousands of individuals who are unable to afford typical hearing aids.
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