Audibel Hearing Aids Reviews

Last Updated on March 3, 2021
Audibel Hearing Aids

Audibel hearing aid manufacturers devices with a broad range of hearing loss in mind. The company's philosophy is that every patient is on a lifelong journey to better hearing. Audibel Hearing Aids wants to assist these people on their journey.

The company's ultimate objective is to help deliver better hearing to the entire world. This company manufactures premium hearing aids, and it prides itself on providing customers with professional, individualized attention. This personalized attention can help users get the most out of his or her hearing device.

Studies show that patients who receive proper training with their new hearing device enjoy a more satisfying hearing aid experience. With proper training, the user understands how the device works. They know how their new hearing aid impacts their hearing, and are more familiar with the device's full potential. Audibel Hearing Aids Reviews understands this, and that is why they feel that this individualized attention is so important.

Audibel's reach is truly nationwide. Users can buy their new Audibel hearing aids devices in one state, and have them serviced in another. Audibel Hearing Aids Reviews network is composed of hundreds of hearing professionals located in over 1000 Audibel Hearing Centers.

Audibel Hearing Aids Reviews is also an avid supporter of the Starkey Hearing Foundation. The Starkey Foundation's goal is to provide better hearing throughout the world. The Foundation donates thousands of free hearing instruments to needy adults and children throughout the world each year. It provides time, money, products, and materials to help make hearing a possibility for those for who need it.

Audibel hearing aid manufactures several lines of premium hearing devices. As well as several entry-level devices designed to provide consumers with an affordable device that also delivers exceptional performance. The company's hearing aids feature state-of-the-art technology that is personalized to the consumer's lifestyle. This ensures that each customer receives a hearing aid that is perfect for them. Audibel Hearing Aids Reviews provides the most up-to-date comparisons for hearing aids.

Audibel Hearing Aids Reviews of Models

RangeAudibel A2
Audibel Range hearing aids are advanced wireless Audibel hearing aid devices. Designed to provide users with exceptional sound clarity in a variety of situations.
The Audibel A2 hearing aids are advanced, wireless mini Behind-The-Ear (BTE), and Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC) hearing devices. With an ergonomic design that is comfortable to wear, provide easy listening, and can provide users with streamed audio from his or her electronic devices. The A2 Audibel hearing aids can provide easy listening in a variety of difficult hearing situations.

They also manufacture completely invisible hearing aids, with the Invisibel and the AMP.

The Audibel Invisibel hearing aid is a tiny, Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC) hearing device. Designed to fit in the second bend of the user’s ear canal. Since the device is completely invisible from sight, making it one of the most discreet hearing aids available.
Audibel AMP hearing aid is a basic, easy-to-use hearing device that is designed for the first-time Audibel hearing aids reviews wearers who are not sure they are ready for a hearing aid.
Anthem XTAnthem PlusAnthem Bronze
Audibel Anthem XT hearing aids is a variety of hearing devices that are filled with advanced features to deliver exceptional hearing in even the most difficult hearing situations.
Audibel Anthem Plus hearing aids are a powerful hearing device with advanced features to deliver enhanced speech hearing and understanding, with less distracting background noise.
Audibel Anthem Bronze hearing aid, are designed for easy listening environments, like one-on-one conversations.

Many of these lines of products are available in a full spectrum of hearing aid styles. Each different style of hearing aid provides users with various benefits. One style of the hearing aid may be best for some individuals, but not others. Audibel produces Behind-The-Ear (BTE), Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC), In-The-Ear (ITE), In-The-Canal (ITC), Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC), and Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC) hearing aids.

Audibel Hearing Aid Styles

These hearing aids are designed to suit individuals with most types of hearing loss, from mild to severe-to-profound. They are very discreet, and they sit just behind the wearer's ear. The BTE hearing aids are also available in mini BTE models, and Power and Power Plus models. They can easily be customized to the user's preference, with numerous available color options.
These hearing aids are best for those with severe to profound hearing loss. They are discreet, open-fit models that are designed to sit behind the user's ear. Like the BTE models, these RIC hearing aids are available in Power models as well. With many different colors to choose from, users can also find the hearing aid that is right for them.
These hearing aids are designed to suit a wide range of hearing losses, from mild to severe. These models feature a custom-made shell that fits snugly in the wearer's ear. These devices are easy to insert and easy to adjust, so they are comfortable for even first-time hearing aid wearers.
These hearing devices are best for people with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss. These discreet devices are designed to fit snugly in the user's ear canal. Their custom-fit design makes them comfortable to wear.
These hearing aids are nearly invisible hearing devices. These devices are custom-designed to fit entirely in the wearer's ear canal, making them incredibly discreet. These hearing aids are best for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss.
These hearing aids are Audibel's 100% invisible hearing devices. They are designed to suit the needs of those with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss. These custom-made devices fit in the second bend of the user's ear canal, removing them completely from sight.

The company's hearing devices come equipped with a full range of technology helping provide an enhanced hearing in different situations. Some features allow users to hear better in noisy environments. While other features are designed to help provide users with the most intuitive use of the device. These features vary from each line of hearing products. The company's premium devices will include more features than their entry-level devices. Some of this technology includes:

Audibel Hearing Aid Reviews Features
  • WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation: This feature eliminates whistling or buzzing in the user's hearing aid before it is even noticed. With this annoying feedback that could often occur while adjusting the volume of the hearing aid, or while talking on the phone gone, users can have more enjoyable conversations on the telephone.
  • Active Noise Control: This feature is designed to make the understanding of speech in noisy situations much easier. While also reducing the user's listening effort. This can help significantly reduce the mental fatigue that occurs over extended periods of time in noisy environments.
  • Speech Locator: This feature helps pinpoint sounds that the user wants to hear while minimizing the sounds the user does not. In combination with the Active Noise Control feature, can make in-noise conversations much easier.
  • Automatic Telephone Response: This feature automatically detects when the user is on the phone and adjusts the hearing aid's settings accordingly to deliver the best sound quality possible.
  • Music and Television Processing: This feature allows the user's hearing aids to automatically adjust to preset music and television listening settings that are more comfortable for the user.
  • T2 Remote Control: This feature allows users to adjust their hearing aid's memory modes or volume via any touch-tone telephone.
  • HydraShield: This advanced coating of the Audibel hearing aids helps add resistance to water, wax, sweat, oil, and corrosion. This helps the hearing aids last longer, with fewer necessary repairs.
  • Active Frequency Control: This feature automatically replicates hard-to-hear high-frequency sounds into lower, easier to hear frequencies, enhancing and expanding the device's audibility. This can help deliver a fuller spectrum of sounds to the hearing aid user.
  • Self Learning: This feature allows the Audibel hearing aids to gradually, and automatically learn the user's volume control preferences in a variety of listening situations. After extended use, the user will have to make much fewer manual adjustments to his or her hearing aid.
  • Convenient Indicators: Many Audibel hearing aids feature automatic voice and tone indicators that tell the user the status of their hearing aid and their hearing aid battery. This helps users avoid draining the batteries of their hearing aids at inconvenient times.
  • Ear-to-Ear Wireless Communication: This feature coordinates the communication between the user's hearing aids, allowing them to adjust both hearing devices by just adjusting one.
  • EZ Touch: This lets users adjust his or her hearing device's memory or volume with just the touch of a finger.

Audibel Accessories

Several of Audibel's more advanced hearing devices are compatible with the company's line of products that can bring easier hearing to a variety of listening situations. The company manufactures products that are designed to deliver hands-free phone use, streaming audio directly to the user's hearing aids, and convenient control of his or her devices.

The SurfLink Mobile accessory allows users to make hands-free telephone calls from his or her mobile phone. The device turns the user's Audibel Hearing Aids Reviews wireless hearing aids (Range and Audibel A2) into the cell phone's microphone and receiver. The hearing aids pick up the user's audio and allowing the user to hear their conversation in both ears.  Also acting as a hearing aid remote, users can make quick adjustments to their hearing aid.

The SurfLink Media accessory provides users with an easy means to stream the audio from their television, MP3 player, and other electronic devices directly to his or her Audibel wireless hearing aids. The device is easy to set up and allows users to watch television at a volume that they can hear. While their family watches at a volume that is comfortable for them.

The SurfLink Remote lets users make favorable adjustments to his or her wireless hearing aid with just the push of a button. With its small size, users can make volume or program changes without anyone else knowing.

Audibel features a wide variety of hearing aid styles and products that can provide a viable hearing solution to just about anyone. Offering hearing instruments with advanced features to entry-level devices, there's an Audibel hearing device that is perfect for everyone. For a full list of models and real user reviews visit Audibel Hearing Aids Reviews.
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