ReSound Hearing Aids

Last Updated on March 3, 2021

 ReSound hearing aids is a very well known Danish hearing device manufacturer.

In fact, they have been described by many within the industry as being one of the world's biggest manufacturers of hearing products.

Models of ReSound Hearing Aids

They have an extremely vast product line that offers customers a wide array of choices. Some of the brands you might be familiar with include: Canta, ReSoundAIR, and NewTone.

More specifically, GN Resound's "Canta" product line offers a very robust line that have received very positive reviews from people within the industry.

For example, the "Canta4 BTE" aid is a great example of a behind-the-ear hearing device that offers both feedback suppression technology that is on the cutting edge as well as being two directional microphones that quickly and easily enable the listener to understand what is being said in a loud and noisy environment.

Needless to say, this level of technology truly makes life significantly better for people who enjoy active social lives and who absolutely need a product that allows them to interact naturally with other people in crowded social settings.

The "ReSoundAIR" product line utilizes GN Resound's "ComforTec" technology which uses special technology to actively suppress audio feedback which can be incredibly distracting.

It also reduces overall noise and truly minimizes occlusion through an air venting system that is patented. Resound also has a full line of hearing aid accessories that can work with your chosen model.

Overall, Resound hearing aids are a very high quality product that you can trust and rely upon to help you function in society without missing a beat.

Resound Keeps Going

The company is involved with many different aspects of hearing technology which includes research, development of new (cutting edge) digital hearing devices, as well as being a respected world-wide supplier of hearing equipment to a wide variety of different people. This includes both doctors and patients (through their direct-to-consumer program).

Over the years, GN ReSound has acquired a sizable number of companies who themselves have developed a wide array of technologies to help people hear better.

These include AB Transistor, Ternen, Bass and High, and Dana Japan. To the surprise of many within the industry, the company also acquired ICS Medical which was based in the United States.

But perhaps the biggest acquisition was in the early 2000's when Beltone Electronics was acquired. This deal effectively made GN Resound one of the very largest hearing aid and hearing equipment manufacturers in the world today.

The company produces in-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely-in-the-canal, and behind-the-ear devices.
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