Rexton Hearing Aids Reviews

Last Updated on March 3, 2021
Rexton Hearing Aids Reviews

Rexton Hearing Aids Reviews provides customers with a detailed overview of Rexton hearing aids. Continue reading for full model analysis.

 Rexton hearing aids are among the most appreciated such devices. Rexton offers the full range of hearing aids, from ITE to BTE, or from CIC to Full Shell.

Their products are exclusively digital, which means that they convert analog sound waves into digital signals.

The main advantage of being digital is that they can distinguish between noises and speech. Allowing human voice amplification and simultaneously noise reduction.

The latest Rexton hearing aids offer a premier sound quality. The RIC Cobalt features Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Allowing you to connect the hearing aid to your mobile phone, TV or mp3 player. This feature comes with the help of the optional remote control unit.

Rexton Hearing Aids Reviews found the clear speech understanding is enhanced thanks to features such as:

  • Wind noise cancellation
  • Directional microphone
  • Automatic noise reduction
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Natural loudness compensation


Rexton Hearing Aid Models

The Rexton hearing aid Onyx+ is the company's longest lasting high performance hearing aid. This Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing device provides users with a wide fitting range, to suit almost any hearing requirement.
The Rexton hearing aid Pico hearing aid is a Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC) hearing device that fits deeper into the second bend of the user's ear canal. Making it completely invisible, and also remaining comfortable. This hearing aid is Rexton's most discreet, and smallest hearing aid, with a faceplate that is only 11 mm tall.
Rexton hearing aids Stream+ hearing aid is a comfortable hearing aid that sits in the helix of the user's outer ear. It provides an occlusion-free, custom-feeling and open fit to the user. This Rexton hearing aid is available in multiple colors. Users can find the hearing aid that works best for them.
The Rexton hearing aids Insite+ is one of the more advanced hearing aids. It is a Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC) hearing device designed to deliver excellent sound quality to users. It allows for wireless connectivity to users' electronic devices, allowing for enhanced hearing enjoyment with a multitude of electronics.
The Rexton hearing aid Cobalt+  is an advanced Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC) hearing device providing users with an instant, comfortable fit. This Rexton hearing aids delivers exceptional speech understanding and more advanced hearing of a wide variety of other sounds.  The device also allows for easier hearing of the user's electronic devices. The Cobalt+ hearing aid is available in a color to match a variety of hair and skin tones.
The Rexton Gem+ hearing aid is a discreet Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC) hearing aid with numerous advanced features. Helping deliver superb hearing quality sound to users. This Rexton hearing aids device automatically adjusts to the user's hearing environment. This automation allows less manual adjustments made to the instrument. It is available in a variety of different colors matching the skin and hair color of just about any user.
Rexton hearing aids Bridge+ hearing devices are a series of RIC or ITE hearing devices that deliver a comfortable and reliable fit to users. The RIC units of this series come in a variety of different colors to match hair and skin tones. Although the styles of the Bridge+ hearing aids vary, the technology available is the same for each device.
Rexton hearing aids Day+ hearing aids are a series of high-quality, minimal maintenance Receiver-In-The-Canal, Behind-The-Ear, In-The-Ear, and Completely-In-The-Canal hearing devices. Designed to suit a broad range of hearing losses. With numerous features built into each instrument, the Rexton hearing aid Daydelivers exceptional sound quality. Although the Day+ hearing aids are available in four different styles, the technology in the devices is mainly the same.
The Rexton hearing aid Arena is a central Behind-The-Ear digital hearing device. This device delivers flexibility that is not typically found with conventional analog hearing devices. The Arena hearing aid provides users with essential listening needs, is both reliable as well as affordable. This Rexton hearing aids device is available in a variety of product levels for a full range of hearing loss.

Rexton Hearing Aids Reviews another state-of-the-art hearing aid from Rexton is the Gem Miniature receiver-in-the-canal. Featuring SoundSmoothing, a function that makes a distinction between transient noises and speech, thus offering the user more comfort.

Additionally, the automatic and adaptive directional microphone has the capability to focus on the sounds you want to hear. Attenuating the others, as in the case of several people speaking at the same time.

All Rexton hearing aids feature a new generation of automatic feedback cancellation. This feature helps eliminate the annoying feedback even before it can be detected by the human ear.

The more advanced hearing aids models like Gem 12, Cobalt 12 and Cobalt 16 include an automatic equalizer. The equalizer optimizes the sound quality according to the listening environment, without any intervention from the user’s side.

All Rexton hearing aids are so small and discreet that they are virtually invisible to other people. Making the hearing impaired persons feel less embarrassed by their condition.

If you would like to review on other hearing aids then check the page hearing aids reviews. For Rexton Hearing Aids Reviews complete model overview visit Hearing
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