Disposable Hearing Aids- Are They Worth It?

Last Updated on March 3, 2021

Disposable hearing aids have become increasingly popular over the past decade, thanks to the convenience they offer to people who lost part of their hearing acuity.

Everything is just as simple as buying them, wearing them, then throwing them away when they run off batteries.

Taking into account that the audition quality is very good, then it becomes clear why so many hearing impaired people opt for the inexpensive, ready to wear, universal fit, low maintenance, disposable hearing aids instead of those expensive instruments that need calibration and follow up sessions with practitioners, which are expensive and which require a lot of time.

The usual life span of a disposable hearing aid is of 30 – 40 days. If the user wears it only for a few hours every day, and takes care to switch it off in the rest of the time, then such a device may last even longer.

This relatively short duration has the advantage that earwax buildup and canal blockages are less frequent than in case of instruments that last for 4-5 years.

Thanks to a mushroom-shaped cap that is to be inserted into the ear canal, these hearing instruments fit almost everybody, therefore they come in only one size.

This is possible because the main part of the device is in the behind-the-ear module. Very few users actually found discomfort in wearing this kind of hearing aids.

Disposable hearing aids cost less than $100, which makes them a good solution for people who can’t afford to pay several thousands dollars at once for a traditional hearing aid.

Moreover, people who are only very slightly affected by hearing loss may not need all those advanced features that are incorporated in those expensive and sophisticated hearing aids.

If they can benefit from better audition with the basic three levels of volume, than disposable hearing aids may be best for them.

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