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Last Updated on March 3, 2021
amp hearing aid

If you're considering an In-Canal hearing aid continue reading about the AMP Hearing Aid. 

It seems that the hearing impaired have always been looking for a hearing aid that is elusive as purple unicorns.

Everybody wants to find that super adjustable hearing aid that is small does something that allows them to hear better than normal people and doesn’t cost very much.

I regret to inform everyone; such a hearing aid does not exist.

Yes, there are small hearing aids. There are even hearing aids that claim to do everything in supra-human terms. Some of these hearing aids are inexpensive. You just can’t get all those things in one package.

Starkey and Starkey AMP may have come close, with its’ new AMP hearing aid. You can get a reasonably adjustable hearing aid in a small package for a very attractive price.

AMP Hearing Aid Features

The AMP hearing aid is not without its’ issues. It is not incredibly powerful; it will not fit losses beyond a mild-moderate level.

AMP Hearing Aid has some adjustability, but not anything approaching the degree of adjustability in some of Starkey AMP  hearing aid more advanced models.

It has basic level features, including a decent feedback manager and a pretty good background noise canceling system.

The Starkey AMP is a “modular” hearing instrument, meaning that sleeves are used to adapt the unit to each.

The price, while quite attractive, is nowhere near the pennies that some folks would like to pay for a hearing aid. At $1500 a set, the unit is a value for the right patient.

That being said, the patient should remember that this is NOT a product designed to answer everyone’s needs and wants in an AMP hearing aid.

I have been quite successful in fitting these units as “reading glasses for the ears.” When I have approached the patient from this standpoint, we have managed to provide a favorable result.

Starkey Hearing Technologies, themselves, bills the product as “The AMP Hearing Aid for people who are not ready for a hearing aid.”

This product is not designed for daily wear, nor is it designed for those with a severe loss. It is also not designed to work in extreme noise conditions.

If you need a little “boost” in that sales meeting or classroom; this could well be a product for you. If you wish a discrete hearing aid that has a lower price point and has reasonable expectations of the product; a StarkeyAMP could be the product for you.

More Info on Starkey AMP

Invisible in the canal AMP hearing aid are available from several manufacturers.

Starkey AMP hearing aid clearly have the lead horse in this race, but there are other products that some customers find attractive.

Starkey Labs has specialized in small and innovative hearing aids for decades, and an objective reviewer would have to grant their leading position.

While Starkey AMP has an extensive line of models, most of their products have industry leading noise and feedback control.

Some professionals might suggest other products for economic reasons (theirs and the patients), but it is hard to beat the entire line that Starkey has to offer.

These features do not come cheap and are not without their shortcomings. Keep an open mind and work on your rehabilitation, and do not expect a purple unicorn.

How to Purchase the Amp Hearing Aid

As always, the patient should use care when selecting their hearing professional. The majority of the patient's’ success with ANY hearing aid lies more with the professional than with the features in the AMP hearing aid.

If you have the proper professional and the appropriate expectations, you will be happy with your hearing aid fitting.

If you purchase a Starkey AMP hearing aid based on price or a set of features on a piece of paper, you may be in for a disappointment.

Price or features can not measure professionalism; the professional knows what they are doing, or they do not. Also, keep in mind that a hearing aid fitting is a process, not an event. Good results take time and patience.
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